Dog breeder in Melbourne’s suburbs finds new love

Melbourne’s suburb of Dragonvale is known for its dog breeding community.

Many of the dogs are kept in a small room with a big window, and they can be seen on television, walking their owner around, or watching from the balcony.

But this year, Dragonvale resident James Lee is taking a different approach to the breeders. 

He has been taking care of a flock of five dogs for the past few years. 

“They are really cute little guys,” Mr Lee said.

“They have very beautiful little coats, so they look like the kind of dog you want to be around for a long time.”

I have a big problem with people that think they are too cute for their own good, but they are really sweet, and you really love them.

“We keep them to keep them warm when they go outside, and we give them treats and they are good with kids and the elderly.”

But we are also giving them the love of the world.”‘

A very happy dog’ Mr Lee’s two golden retrievers, a black Lab and a white Labrador, are his favourites.”

“The most wonderful thing is they just love to play, they are very playful and they love to be petted.””

They can jump into the car or get into a car and run in circles.” 

“The most wonderful thing is they just love to play, they are very playful and they love to be petted.”

Mr Lee is a keen breeder, but he said he had never seen anyone do anything like this.

“People do not realise they are breeding for dogs, they actually breed dogs for themselves,” he explained.

“It is the perfect balance of being able to feed and caring for your dog, and also being able the breed and its people.”

Mr Kim is the only other owner of a dog in Melbourne.

“We have had several wonderful owners,” he shared.

“There is always a mix of dogs that come in to be used, but also a couple that come to be owned and bred.”

That is very, very special.

It is like a special bond between two people.

“Dr Nicko is the manager of the dog rescue charity Save the Dogs.

He said he was happy to see a positive change in Melbourne over the past year.”

People are concerned about dog ownership and what it is doing to the city and to the environment.””

We are still in a very bad position with the government.”

“People are concerned about dog ownership and what it is doing to the city and to the environment.”

However, the number of dog owners in Melbourne has risen dramatically since we started keeping track.

“Mr Kim and Dr Nickos are planning to take on the rescue challenge in the next few years, with the aim of bringing dogs from all over Australia to Melbourne.

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