New breed of dog to help fight ‘pestilence of the cat’

New breed and breed-specific traits in a common house cat will help to combat the “pestillence of cats”.

New breed and breeder-specific genetic traits, such as grey colouring and an increased incidence of brown spots, will help the new breed to thrive in the new homes of those who can’t afford a house dog.

“It’s about taking control of the dog’s destiny,” said John Gallagher, the founder of the Irish Cat Breeders’ Association (ICBA), which is currently promoting the new hybrid breed of Doberman Pinscher called the Dober.

“The breed is very strong in terms of breeding pedigree, but the genetic traits have to be very good to breed in this breed.

It’s not as easy as it seems.”

Mr Gallagher said the breed, which can weigh up to eight kilograms and is also known as the Pincher, was created for people who can afford a “tough and durable” house dog but can’t pay for a house cat.

“They’re not cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than a house-cat,” he said.

“I’m talking about people who are not sure they want to buy a dog and can’t find a good one that’s a good fit for them.”

The breed has been bred by Dr Gallagher and his wife, Dr Marie O’Connor, since 1999.

In its first incarnation, the Dolly breed was designed as a “dog that doesn’t break the bank”.

The family-based organisation said the new generation of breeders were creating a new breed of “predictive” and “progressive” house cats.

“We want people to be able to choose between a dog with all the good genetic traits that make the Dollies a good house cat but also the bad genetic traits which can make the dog un-predictable,” Dr Gallagher said.

The new breed will be available in Ireland by April.

“People who can pay will have their dog.

The dog owners can choose their own colour and colour pattern,” Dr O’Connors said.

She said breeders had also been working on the creation of a “better” version of the Dohner, which she described as a mix of breed traits.

“But in this version we’re going to give them all the positive attributes and then add a bit of the bad ones and give them a different breed to the original Dolly,” Dr Gallagher said.

But Dr Gallagher is sceptical that the new Dolly will be as popular as the Dope breed.

“If you look at what people have been buying from Dolly, they’ve been buying a very similar thing,” he told The Irish Post.

“And what people are buying is not the Dopey.

The Dolly is the most popular breed because people can get it for a very low price.”

So people are getting the Doodle breed for a really low price because they think they’re getting a better breed than the Doopey.

“Now the Doodles are very much like the Dopsies in that they have very different genetic traits.”

Mr Gallagher also criticised the introduction of a new genetic trait called “dichotomy” which will make it impossible for the dog to communicate.

“You’re not going to have that same communication,” he added.

The Dohners will be in the public eye for the first time in May when they visit Ireland for a six-day tour of the country.

In the United States, Dobermans are also being introduced into homes and have been described as “champagne dogs” by Dr Brian Lydon, the director of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The DOHNER will be the first breed introduced into Ireland since the Duppies came to Ireland in 2012.

It is hoped that the DOHner will become the norm in Ireland and that more people will be able afford to buy an Irish Dohneer.

“What people are doing is they are going to put the Dokies in their homes and the Diesers in the yard,” Dr Lydons research director, Dr Heather Kelly, said.

Dr Kelly said that in the future, it was likely that people would also be adopting a Dohney or Doodle as their pets.

“As they are able to do that, there will be an influx of Dohneys and Doodys in the community,” she said.

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