The military dog breeds that are the coolest

The military has some of the coolest breeds in the world.

Here are the most popular military dogs, and the military thinks they deserve the spotlight.


The Poodle The Poodle is the smallest of the breed.

Its name is a reference to the fact that its white belly is the size of a pea, but its long fluffy tail can also be called a “Poodle.”

It has been called the “loudest, fastest and most agile dog on the planet,” and it’s also considered to be the fastest dog in the military.

The breed is so popular because of its speed and agility, the US military has developed several different breeds of Poodles, like the Poodle-Doodle, a smaller breed that looks more like a German shepherd dog than a Poodle.


The Golden Retriever The golden retriever is considered to have the longest-lived and most popular breed of dogs, because it is known to live for 30 to 70 years, which is long enough to be considered an “outdoor dog.”

The golden retrivers were created as a result of genetic engineering and have a strong genetic code, which helps them survive in the harsh environment of the Arctic.


The Labradoodle  The Labdoodle is a large and robust dog that is very agile.

Its “bark” is called a tuck, which makes it extremely quiet, so it’s often mistaken for a barking dog.

The labradoodle has been known to chase its prey, which can cause it to bite humans.

It also has the ability to sniff out and identify their scent, which gives it an excellent sense of smell.


The Shar-Pei The Shar-Pee is a breed of dog that has been domesticated for centuries, but is still very much a wild animal.

It is a fast and agile dog that can run for long distances, and it can hunt and defend itself from predators.

Its owners refer to it as “The Sharper than a Sharpie.”


The American Pit Bull Terrier The American Pit bull terrier is a highly trained breed, but the American Pitbull terrier has the longest life expectancy of any dog.

Because of this, the American pit bull terriers are extremely popular among dog owners.


The German Shepherd Dog German Shepherds are the best-known and most widely recognized of all the breeds of dogs.

They are also the most frequently used military dog, and are highly respected for their loyalty.

They were introduced to the US in the 1800s by German soldiers who were searching for the legendary blacksmith Carl Grimm.

German ShepherDS have been used to help people in the United States, and they’re used by all military services.


The Border Collie The Border Collies are an aggressive breed that is known for its aggression.

The breeds most commonly seen in the US are the Border Collison, a mixed breed of German Shepherd and Labradoodles that have been bred for their strength and aggression.


The Chihuahua The Chihuahuas are also known as “lazy dogs” because they’re not very social dogs.

When they are at home, they sit in front of the television and go for walks around their yard.

The dogs have been known for their fast-paced nature and have been found to chase and bite people.


The Great Dane The Great Dane is a smaller of the three German shepherd breeds.

The smaller breed is more docile than the other two, and is known as the “smallest dog in their litter.”

The Great Dane is considered the best dog for people with autism and other intellectual disabilities.


The Labrador Retrievable The Labrador Retrievers have a long history in the service, and there are many different breeds in their lineage.

They’re used as both hunting dogs and as service dogs.

The best-selling breed in the UK is the Doberman Pinscher, a small, strong dog that was bred specifically for military service.


The Terrier Terrier is the oldest of the dog breeds and the only dog to survive the Great Depression.

It’s known as a “tough dog,” which is a bit of an understatement. 

The Terrier was originally bred to fight, but over time it became a tool to protect livestock and other animals.

The U.S. military has adopted the breed for their canine units, which have a history of combat in the Middle East.


The Chow Chow The Chow Chow is a very large breed that has long been used as a service dog by military personnel.

Its nickname is “The Chow,” which means “Chopsticks,” which are a term for chopsticks.

Its body shape is the same as a miniature dog, but there are smaller and smaller dogs that look like miniature dogs. 13.

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