Here’s how the ‘Big Three’ of domesticated dog breeds are evolving

From the time they were born, dogs have been bred for many of the same traits, including a high level of intelligence, a strong sense of smell and a high degree of fearlessness.

But there’s been a change in the breed over the past decade.

With the introduction of the modern-day breed standards, they’re evolving to meet the demands of the world’s growing population of dogs.

A study published in the journal Animal Cognition found that over the last five years, the number of domestic dogs in the United States has fallen by more than 20 percent.

While the study only looked at breeds from five breeds — the American Staffordshire Terrier, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees and Chow Chow — it is likely that the changes are going on across the entire breed.

It’s a trend that is likely to accelerate as the U.S. population ages and the dog industry continues to grow.

For example, breed standards are expected to be expanded in coming years, meaning more dogs are being bred for agility, obedience and hunting.

There’s also the growing interest in mixed breeds, which are also growing in popularity.

A recent study from the UCL Institute of Comparative Animal Science showed that in 2016, there were nearly 100,000 dog breeds worldwide, a 33 percent increase from just over 30,000 in 2015.

The study also showed that the number had grown by over a million dogs since 2007, while only one out of every three dogs is now a purebred.

While there are plenty of reasons for this, the biggest is the growing demand for dogs as pets.

While some breeds have been adopted out as pets in the past, there’s also an increasing demand for breeds that are more like people, such as bulldogs, Labrador retrievers and Pomeranians.

This demand is especially strong among the younger generation, who are looking for a dog that will be a companion, a companion animal, or a companion for the home.

The result is that many of these dogs are becoming more “humanized” in their appearance and temperament.

They’re not just dogs with a high-energy and strong sense and are becoming, in some cases, a bit more like humans in their behavior and personalities.

While we can’t be sure that these trends are inevitable, they do indicate that we’re seeing a trend toward becoming more and more like dogs, with their high-level intelligence and high levels of fearfulness.

It also raises the question of how to better manage the growth of this new breed of dog.

There are some possible options that could help.

For instance, a new breed standard could help breeders keep up with the evolving breed standards.

It would allow them to breed a breed that is more like a person rather than a dog, and that would help them meet the evolving standards for agility and obedience.

There would also be the potential to increase the amount of exercise a dog can receive, to encourage it to keep moving around and stay in its territory.

While this would also give the dog a bit of exercise, it would also mean that the dog is no longer being groomed and kept in a stable environment.

This could mean that a dog could have a lot less exercise as it ages, making it more prone to problems with behavior and aggression.

There could also be a change to the breed’s appearance.

In addition to keeping the breed in line with the standards, it could be beneficial to breeders to make their dogs look a bit less intimidating and a bit nicer, which could help them attract more potential owners.

For those of us who are more inclined to be a bit creepy, there are also other ways to keep a dog more “natural.”

Some dogs can learn to “take a chill pill,” a practice that has been shown to have a positive effect on their behavior.

While a good deal of research is being done on this topic, there is some anecdotal evidence that people who are a bit chillier, have better social skills and are less likely to become aggressive are better at keeping a dog from becoming a problem in their home.

Another option is to try to make the dog less outgoing.

If a dog does get too excited or anxious, it’s easy to turn it into a nuisance, and even more easily turn it off.

In general, these are all things that can be done in a small, controlled way to keep the dog from getting too out of control, while at the same time helping it stay in the house.

And while these strategies might be a little more on the “hobby” side of things, they are still important for maintaining a good relationship with your dog and keeping him safe.

To learn more about the study that showed the decline in the number and diversity of the U-shaped dog breed, read our full article on the subject.

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