How to adopt a horse from Ireland

The most popular breed of horse is Irish Red-Breasted Corgi (IFC), according to a new report.

Irish Red-breasted Cuddys, a breed with a heritage dating back to the 13th century, have been widely adopted in Ireland as pets for more than 200 years.

The report, published by The Royal Society of Veterinary Medicine (RSVOM), found that the IFC has become a pet for a significant number of people, especially in rural areas where it has been widely bred for its excellent coat colour and appearance.

The IFC is a mix of Red and White, but also has a large amount of grey and tan, which is usually a sign of a more developed temperament, says the report, which also looks at the genetics of the breed and the possible causes of its lack of health issues.

The study, which looked at data from around the world, looked at the breeds of horse from around Europe and North America, including Irish, Irish Blue and Irish Brown.

It looked at more than 10,000 IFC records, from both public and private records, and looked at breeders and their owners.

It concluded that IFC breeds were more likely to be “well-behaved” and less likely to have health problems than other breeds, including Scottish and Welsh.

However, the IFCC has a high risk of having health issues and a low proportion of those with these issues are in the general population, the report found.

Irish Corgies are more likely than other breeders to have been bred for their colour, but they are also more likely “to be more difficult to socialise with and have a very low rate of being reared in homes where the environment is conducive to socialising,” the report said.

The average IFC owner was also more than twice as likely to also have had a health problem in the previous 12 months, compared to owners of other breeds.

“The health problems in Irish Redbreasted were not the only reason for the high rates of health problems among owners of Irish Red Breasted Cuddleys,” the study said.

It said IFC owners were also more often living in a rural area, where they “have less contact with the wider community”.

This means the breed’s health problems “may have been exacerbated by the lack of access to good health care in rural communities.”

The study said IFCC owners were “at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer” and were also at higher risk of osteoarthritis and other health problems, compared with their owners of similar breeds.

It also noted that IFCCs “have a very high risk for diabetes, which may have contributed to the lower rates of these health problems”.

The study also said that IFCTs have a “large proportion of the Irish Red Breed’s genes which are at high risk”, including genes that may increase the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

However the researchers found that while Irish Red Cuddies had been used as pets in Ireland for more then 200 years, the breeds had also been “taken over by other breeds and the adoption of the IFCT as a pet has not been widespread”.

“There is a very large amount to be gained from examining the genetic diversity of the breeds that have been adopted in the Irish environment and it is not clear that this is the case with Irish Red.”

The Irish Red breed is now a popular breed in the UK, with the majority of IFC breeders in England and Wales and Scotland having registered their dogs in the past year.

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