How to get rid of a stray dog

A small dog might be the most dangerous thing you can do to a stray animal, especially if you’re not used to handling animals.

The dog can get out of control, run away, bite people or other animals, bite your eyes out and even bite you, according to the American Kennel Club.

Even though they’re usually friendly and don’t have a lot of aggression, the dog will bite at least twice a day.

The following tips are designed to make the process a lot less stressful.

Read moreIf you find a stray puppy or kitten, try to keep it in a secure area and only let it out in the morning.

It’s best to keep the dog on a leash, at least 15 to 20 feet from the other dogs in your yard.

The puppy or cat needs to be at least two years old to be considered a pet.

Keep the pup and kitten in a crate or kennel, so they won’t be attacked by other animals.

Keep your door closed.

When you get home from work or school, try not to let anyone in to see the dog.

Never let your dogs roam the halls or play on the couch.

This will help reduce their chance of being attacked by someone else.

Keep them indoors until you’re sure there are no other stray dogs nearby.

Make sure your yard is clean.

If you find any loose debris, clean it up with bleach or ammonia.

If your dog is loose, take it to the nearest animal shelter.

Keep a record of the time and place of the pet’s stay.

If it is an adult dog, it may be time to get a microchip.

You’ll need one of these to track its whereabouts and keep an eye on it.

If you’ve got a pet that is spayed or neutered, make sure the dog is spay or neutering at least six months before you expect to have a litter.

It can take two or three years for a dog to have both the collar and collar/nipple cut off, so it’s best for the dog to be neutered before that time.

A spay/neuter certificate is required.

Make sure the pet is on the list of people who can be considered for microchipping and that you can prove the pet has been microchipped.

The procedure is expensive, so you might want to do this sooner.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure there is at least one dog and one cat in your household.

A stray dog can easily run away and attack people.

If that happens, you’ll need to have another dog or cat that can control it and chase it away.

If a stray is a puppy or a kitten, you might need to keep them inside in a safe location.

It may take a couple of days for the puppy to be able to walk.

You can also take the puppy home to your friends.

If there are other animals in your home, you need to take steps to prevent them from running away.

Use a leash and wear a collar.

Keep pets indoors for two hours a day and away from other dogs, pets and other people.

Be sure to provide a safe environment for the dogs to run free.

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