More cats bred in America than anywhere else

More than 90% of the world’s cats are bred in the United States, according to a new report.

The report, released by the Cat Breeders Association, also found that nearly half of all domestic cats in the US are being bred in Europe.

The findings, which are based on data from breeders worldwide, come as the US grapples with a high rate of obesity and diabetes.

Cat lovers around the world have long been drawn to American cats, which can be bought as pets or bought as gifts.

The US has been a major centre for breeding cats in recent years.

Here’s how it works In the US, owners are required to pay a $300 annual registration fee, which is waived for cats born in the state.

Cats can also be imported from abroad for a one-off fee of $25,000.

Owners also pay $20,000 for their domestic cat to be registered, which will cover their adoption fee.

A $100 pet tax is also levied on all domestic cat imports.

This means that owners of cats imported from the US will pay up to $50,000 per year, depending on the breed, the number of cats registered and the location of the owner.

A second $25-million tax on all cat imports is also imposed, which covers the costs of the importation of more than 3,500 cats.

The tax also applies to domestic cat breeders and their employees.

For the pet industry, it is an expensive business.

But the breeders’ association says the tax has had a significant impact on the pet trade.

“A large number of breeders in the pet and feline industry have been forced to make significant investments to develop and implement breeders breeding facilities in the USA,” the association’s vice-president of research, Chris Rys, said in a statement.

The tax has also created a huge amount of uncertainty for breeders. “

This has not been the case in the past because domestic cat populations have grown at a much faster rate than the overall global cat population.”

The tax has also created a huge amount of uncertainty for breeders.

“It’s been difficult for breed-owners to know how much the tax would affect them and their business,” said the association president, David Schulman.

The association estimates that breeders have spent more than $500 million to develop facilities in North America.

The trade groups association also said the tax is not being collected correctly and has not gone down as much as it should.

“These problems are only likely to worsen as more tax is collected and collected incorrectly,” said Rys.

He said the US was also the second largest importer of domestic cats.

“At this rate, we will have over 1 million domestic cats by 2025,” he said.

In Europe, a large number are bred there, with the European Cat Federation estimating that around 15% of all cat breeds in the EU are imported from Europe.

“We have the same amount of domestic cat population as the UK, which means that if we want to have an impact on cat breeding, we have to keep that population in check,” said Filippo Di Giacomo, the director of policy at the ECCF.

Di Giaccomo said the industry is also seeing an increase in imports from China, where a large proportion of cat breedants work.

“There are a lot of Chinese breeders who are bringing in cat breed products in order to feed their domestic cats,” he told Reuters.

“And these cat breeds are also being imported in the UK.

It’s the same scenario here in the European Union, where we’re importing a lot more cats than the UK.”

The UK is home to the world-leading breeders, but the trade groups report that there is a huge problem with the country’s domestic cat trade.

There are more than 600,000 domestic cat farms in Britain, with nearly 10,000 breeding facilities and more than 10,500 breeding dogs.

The country’s economy is heavily reliant on cat-breeding, which accounts for almost a quarter of its exports.

It has been estimated that the UK imports more than £10 billion a year from abroad.

“You have to have a very good understanding of what you’re doing in order not to go down the wrong path,” said Di Giadomo.

The breeders are also concerned that the tax will lead to more people adopting the pets.

“That’s not good for the industry,” he added.

People are being asked to take up a much bigger part of their financial burden than they would have been had they kept the tax in place.”

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