How ‘sheepdogs’ are now being forced to breed in Washington

The “sheep dogs” breed of dog are becoming a breed of forced breeding porn in the United States.

The Washington State Veterinary Medical Board is investigating a case of “sheepsdog” breeding, and the practice has been reported to the federal government.

The WSB-TV report says that in April, a female Shepherd named Rosie was born with a “chipped” skull.

The WSB reports that Rosie has been “slightly altered” and has a different nose and ears, and has been placed in a rescue group in Tacoma, Washington.

The case is being investigated by the WSB.

“Sheep dogs have been breeding with other dogs in the same area, but the behavior is to breed with the same male and keep the female with the other dog for the rest of her life,” said Laura Lassiter, the WSPB’s deputy director of animal welfare.

The dogs are being rescued from a local shelter, but have since been euthanized.

“We have a lot of people that are working to make sure that the behavior of these dogs isn’t going on and there’s a very clear connection between them and these people that they’re being bred with,” Lassitor told the WSR-TV affiliate.

“This is what people have to understand.”

Rosie was the first “shepherd dog” rescued from Tacoma.

She’s now being cared for by a group called “The Rescue Group,” which describes itself as a “group of rescued animals who are used for adoption.”

“We are not going to give up.

We are not willing to go into hiding,” the group said in a statement to WSR.

“We are working every day to protect our community and rescue these dogs.”

Rosies’ owner says she has a long history of cruelty, and believes her dog was “taken” from her by her brother-in-law.

The dog is now at a rescue shelter.

The Washington State Humane Society said in response to the WSABS report, “We have been contacted by multiple individuals who have found that their dog was taken from them.

These individuals say that their dogs were brought into their homes and bred with other animals, but were never adopted.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the public for bringing these animals to our attention.”

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The shelter said it has adopted a rescue dog named “Tiffany,” who it says is an “incredible and loving” companion.

“She is the best companion we have had,” the shelter said.

“The shelter staff has been able to bond with Tiffany and have her around for as long as she can remember.”

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