Huge new breed of giant terrier coming to UK – TechRadal

The new giant terriers from Australia are getting their big debut in the UK.

The new breed is being bred in Tasmania, with the Australian Government’s Department of Primary Industries (DPI) saying it will be “a popular choice” for Australian pet owners.

“We have been looking at this particular breed for some time and they are an exciting and unique breed,” DPI’s Senior Director of Marketing, Karen Leggett, said.

“They are very tall and have very large eyes, which makes them perfect for the outdoor lifestyle.”

The breed’s name comes from the fact that it has large ears, and the size of the eyes means the animals can look up at the sky when they’re looking for prey.

“Giant terriers have a long, straight tail, a very big forehead, and they have a wide, pointed nose that gives them the look of a big cat,” Dpi’s Karen Leff said.

“They also have a very short, long tail, so they look very threatening.”

The dogs, which weigh between 100 kilograms and 250 kilograms, are already popular in the United States.

The DPI said the dogs have been bred to be able to survive on a range of climates and are bred to survive in areas with “very little natural vegetation”.

“They have been developed to be resilient to the conditions they will be facing in, for example, Tasmania, which is a tropical climate, or Queensland, which has a dry climate,” Ms Leggert said.

The department said the breed would also be popular with dog lovers in the Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria.

“This is a breeding programme that is focused on getting these dogs into the UK as quickly as possible,” Ms Molloy said.

Read moreAbout the Department of AgricultureDPI said its new giant dogs will be available to pet owners through the DPI Pet Registry and a “selective breeding programme” where the dog will be kept for a minimum of three years.

“The Dpi Pet Registry will ensure that the dogs are well cared for, vaccinated and have the right genetic mix for the country and for our pet industry,” Ms Dittus said.

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