‘The saddest thing I’ve ever heard’: Australian vet tells of heartbreaking death of cat’s owner

A cat owner who died after losing her beloved dog to a stray puppy in a rural part of the state was left with a lifelong legacy of heartbreak, according to a vet.

Key points:A cat owner in Victoria has died after a stray dog took her cat, which was adopted by her son, Mr Lee, to a new homeMr Lee lost his cat, who he adopted in 2016The cat, named ‘Tiffany’, was adopted in the Victorian state of Victoria in the late 1990sMr Lee’s cat died of a heart attack in July 2018It is understood the dog was a stray and was given to Mr Lee’s son, who also adopted the cat.

He found out after finding a photograph of the cat on the internet.

He said the animal’s body was lying on the road in front of a neighbour’s house.

Mr Lee said he did not believe the cat was a puppy when he took it to a friend’s home last year.

“The whole reason I adopted her was that she was a beautiful little girl, and she was so happy and so healthy,” he said.

“But she didn’t look like a puppy.

She was just a beautiful cat.”‘

The saddesteest thing you’ll ever hear’A vet has told of her devastating lossThe heartbreaking death has left Mr Lee reeling, with his daughter and friends still searching for the dog.

“There’s a lot of people who have lost a family member, and I think the saddest things you’ll hear are the things that you never expect,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“When you hear that you’ve lost a dog and it’s been lost forever and you’re not allowed to look for it or even talk about it, that’s something you can’t wrap your mind around.”

It just really upsets me, because when I lost her I was so proud of her.

She’s been the best thing that ever happened to me, she’s been a big part of my life, and now I can’t find her.

“Mr Lee has had no contact with his cat since she went missing.”

I had no idea that I would lose my cat and I didn’t know that I’d never see her again,” he added.

Mr Murray, who lost his son in the same circumstances, said the incident had left him devastated.”

My heart’s broken,” he explained.”

We’re all grieving, but for my kids to be in the position they’re in, to have a dog gone, it just breaks your heart.

“Tiffannas spirit has been taken away, and it just goes to show that when we lose a family, we lose everything.”

He said his son had had a positive relationship with the cat and was not only a big family supporter, but a great dog lover.

“They have a lot in common, they’re both playful and they love each other very much,” he revealed.

“She’s the type of dog who wants to be a family dog and you want to keep her close.”

You want to make sure she’s safe, you want her happy, and you can do that through good behaviour.

“Mr Murray said he hoped the investigation into the death would lead to the death penalty being handed down.

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