‘You Can’t Kill This Dog’: The Story Behind a Dog Who Is a Hero of the World

The story of this adorable German shepherd dog who is known to save thousands of lives is one of the greatest stories of the 21st century.

The story starts in 2003, when an accident in China left him paralyzed from the chest down.

He was taken to a hospital in Hong Kong and a surgeon there amputated his legs and feet.

The dogs legs and hands, which he had been using to fetch water, became so numb that the surgeons said they would have to amputate his arms.

The surgeon also amputated part of his lower leg.

“They put the limb in a sling and they took me to a doctor who was a specialist in limb and joint amputation,” said his owner, Michael.

“I had two hands, but they cut my hands off.

I was going to have a total amputation of both hands, my left and my right.

The doctor said, ‘That’s it, you can’t amputate your hands, you have to get them amputated.'”

That’s when the dog trainer, Michael Lehnert, took his prized dog, a German shepherd named Tagg, to a local veterinarian.

“When I walked into the room, there was this beautiful, big, strong German shepherd, and it’s like, ‘I love you.’

And it just came over to me,” Lehnart said.

“It’s one of those moments that I didn’t know I had, and that’s the power of love.

You can’t kill this dog.”

He also says the dog has helped him save countless lives.

“This is my dog, and I’m a person who loves him, and he has a lot of joy and love and compassion for the poor, and for the suffering and the people who have to suffer,” Lehmert said.

The owners hope to eventually have their dogs prosthetics.

“We’re in the process of putting it all together,” said Lehneth.

“Our goal is to get a prosthetic arm that can be used in an ambulance, so we can help people who can’t use their hands.”

This article originally appeared on National Geographic.

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