When dogs can’t be trusted

Posted October 29, 2018 14:31:37 The Australian Border Force has a new dog and the Government is looking at banning it from the country.

The Australian National University (ANU) says there are “serious concerns” about the welfare of the pit bull dog, called the Hound Dog, which is being bred in Australia to fight human smugglers.

The ANU has warned that the dog is bred to kill human smugglers by biting their feet.

“It is a dangerous dog,” Dr Stephen Purdy said.

“The welfare of its handler, and particularly that of the dog itself, should be considered.”

“There are serious concerns that the dogs welfare is compromised because of the way in which they are being used.”

“We need to be mindful that they are still used by smugglers, even though they are not the dogs intended use.”

The Hound has already killed two people in Australia and is still being used.

The breeders claim they are simply training the dog to be a better predator than human smugglers, but the ANU says this is not the case.

Dr Purdy says that the Australian Border Forces should consider banning the dog because the breeders are using it to kill people.

“These dogs are designed to kill the human smuggler, not the dog,” he said.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) said in a statement that it is aware of the ANUS report.

“We will continue to work with Australian governments and stakeholders to ensure our Border Force can protect and serve their people,” the statement read.

“This is an issue of great concern to our Border Protection Agency and the Australian Government, and we are committed to ensuring that our border forces are fully equipped to respond to any and all incidents.”

The ANUS said the Border Force had made “several recommendations to improve the welfare and care of Border Dogs”.

But Dr Pumpy said there is a long way to go before the Government can act.

“If we don’t act, the Hounds welfare will be compromised,” he told the ABC.

“I’m not sure it’s a bad thing.

If you look at the statistics, the vast majority of Border Dog incidents are committed by humans.”

A Department of Immigration spokesman said the government was committed to working with stakeholders to protect human smuggling activities and that the Border Protection Service was working to ensure the welfare, health and wellbeing of Border Police and other Australian Government agencies.

“There is no doubt that our Border Police are trained to handle any human smuggling situations,” he wrote in an email to ABC News.

“Our officers are trained with a range of relevant knowledge and experience to deal with any human trafficking situation.”

What do people do when their dog bites a person?

“They don’t want to leave us,” the Australian woman who was bitten told the ANZ.

“My dog was jumping on the roof, I didn’t see him until he went through the fence. “

“But I did see him running through the door, and I don’t know if he went past it.” “

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment, but did not require hospitalisation. “

But I did see him running through the door, and I don’t know if he went past it.”

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment, but did not require hospitalisation.

ABC reporter Andrew Hetherington in Melbourne said people in the area of the border fence had called the Border Patrol to report the incident.

“A woman called the Police and said she had had a dog bite on the border and that her dog had got out,” he explained.

“She said she went out and she was looking at her dogs, she was walking out of the door of the house and the dog came out and bit her on the foot and she went to hospital and was treated for a nasty bite.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Primary Industries and Forestry said there had been a number of Border Patrol incidents where dogs had been used in a “sudden fashion” to cause harm to people.

The spokesperson said the dogs had not been trained for the role.

“Dogs are trained for a range a range from the hunting and trapping aspect to the detection of explosives and dangerous objects and to track, which includes the use of cameras to identify potential suspects,” the spokesperson said.

Dogs trained to hunt The ANZ also says there has been a recent spike in the number of dogs trained to track human smugglers and to hunt human smugglers at the border.

“During the summer and early autumn last year, there were a number dogs trained in the hunting of human smugglers to the point that a significant number of them were tracking people,” it said.

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